2007, 2010, 2016 USTA Charity Event of the Year
Tennis Tournament Sponsors

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Sponsor NameDontation LevelSponsor Website Sponsor Logo
Piedmont Healthcare RockdaleANGEL https://www.piedmont.org/locations/piedmont-newton (not available)
Piedmont Healthcare NewtonANGEL https://www.piedmont.org/locations/piedmont-rockdale/ (not available)
Olde Town AwardsCOURAGE (not available)
Brown Wealth Management, LLCCOURAGE http://www.brownwm.com/ (not available)
Carter and SloopeCOURAGE http://www.brownwm.com/ (not available)
Preissless DesignCOURAGE (not available)
Rotary Club of RockdaleCOURAGE (not available)
Snapping Shoals EMCCOURAGE http://www.ssemc.com/ (not available)
THP Graphics GroupCOURAGE http://www.thp.com/ (not available)
Hedrick Family DentistryDETERMINATION (not available)
Digital Mammography SpecialistsHOPE http://www.digitalmammographyspecialists.com/ (not available)
National EMSHOPE http://www.nationalems.com (not available)
Rockdale Tennis CenterHOPE https://rockdalecountyga.gov/county-departments/general-services/parks-and-recreation-programs/tennis-program/ (not available)
Ernst ConcreteHOPE (not available)
BancardSTRENGTH (not available)
Rotary Club of ConyersSTRENGTH (not available)
Willin ConsultantsSTRENGTH http://willinconsultants.com (not available)